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Written on August 13, 2023

Silk Bamboo - most respected quality in the world of rugs

Mum's Silk Bamboo is special. It is our most finest material and also one of the most respected rug qualities in the whole world of rugs. Why?

SILKBAMBOO rug close lowERIKONA GIADA GANASSIN ECO design silk rug MUMs FinlandERIKONA interior GIADA GANASSIN ECO design silk rug MUMs Finland low

Design by Giada Ganassin, Paris


Firstly, silkbamboo is 100% organic, natural and environmentally friendly. All Mum's silk bamboo rugs are locally prodiuced of local highest quality silk and bamboo fibres.

Secondly. it is very time consuming to make. Threads of silk and bamboo are so very fine and thin, still strong. Rug is handmade, knot by knot and knotted as tight as possible. That is why this carpet never dissappoints its owner wehn lyeing on the floor beautifully and straight.

Giada 1 low Eeli

GIADAGanassineeli savolainen jenni Juurinen low mumsrug silk

We have worked this superb quality with designers Giada Ganassin from Paris, Teresa Moorhouse from Finland, and soon new release by French artist Jérôme Thâm Vò My. He is a famous French painter who Mum's met in Paris at Fair and who actually sold all his large paintings for Louis Vuitton!

Thirdly, Silk bamboo makes it possible to create absolutely stunning bloomingly elegant colourways. with an aesthetic, silky matte sheen.


JEROME first Sample not finished

NEW! COMING SOON! Unfinished silkbamboo rug with magnificent colours and all handmade. Design Jérôme Thàm Vô My.


This quality is luxurious and ultra soft made with blended SilkBamboo fibre. Black and white collection is designed by French Giada Ganassin.

Giada Ganassin girl silk rug mums

Blue Dreamer design Giada Ganassin

SILK BEAR Teresa Moorhouse handmade rug mums design Finnish 

SILKBAMBOO bear interior floor Mums rug

Bear in silkbamboo design Teresa Moorhouse.


Mum's silk bamboo is hand-cut in low pile. It is easy to care, easy to maintain, durable, non allergenic and 100% ecological. Great for all spaces and various interior styles. Handmade silk rug*s beautiful sheen adds the overall look. This rug might be most expensive, but if you are the Queen of all the handmade time consuming techniques and highest natural quality in the materials, then one must be. Collectible. Signatured by the artisan who made your rug. Thank you.