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Bottleform mini

Mini Bottleform is part of “Other People’s Rubbish,” a series of upcycled designs made at Heath Nash's Studio in Cape Town South Africa. Heath employes ex street youngsters making the frames for the lampshades, and women go and collect suitable plastic bottles and canisters for the lampshades. Collection is designed so, that no rubbish is left: all material is used for different lampshades. Handles are cut and collected for one lampshade, sides are cut to different shapes and formed to another kind of a lampshade. Sourcing the material is more expensive than material itself, as human labour is present. Washing the bottles clean from brand tags takes time and all is done by hand.

Designer : Heath Nash

The outer shade is fashioned from an eclectic mix of differently shaped recycled bottle cut-outs which have been firmly secured to an frame made from galvanised steel wire. Heath Nash and his team turn trash to reasure, transform the untransformable.

Please note, the inner blub is not included.

Material: Recycled plastic bottles and cansters and galvanised seel wire.

Size about 25-30cm diamater

Fits on any standard lamp holder

Origin: handmade is South Africa



Dimension (L x W x H) 30 x 30 x 3 Centimetre
Weight 5 Kilogram