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HÄN collection: Boy by Jenni Tuominen
  • HÄN collection: Boy by Jenni Tuominen
  • HÄN collection: Boy by Jenni Tuominen
  • HÄN collection: Boy by Jenni Tuominen

HÄN collection: Boy by Jenni Tuominen

Well well. This cushion we have in stock. Designed in Finland and handmade at MUM's workshop in India. We employ artisan's living in small villages and they may work from home, save travel cost to work as well take care of their family.

Designer : Jenni Tuominen

Did you know in Finnish words we have no grammatical gender ( German der, die, das, or English She, He). Even the pronoun hän "he, she" is used for both sexes. This collection of cushion is called HÄN. Hän is girls and boys from all over the world- a growing family designed by Finnish artist, illustrator and designer Jenni Tuominen.

Cushion size is 45x45cm and it is handmade and signatured. These cushions we do have in stock and delivery in couple of days. If no in stock lead time is 6-8 weeks.

Mum's artisans do not work at a factory, but different. Size for the cushion is 45 x 45 cm and it includes inner cushion. Inner cushion is made in Finland and is high quality too- like cushion itself. Fabric 100% handmade and wool. Delivery is 6-8 working days.

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MUM's was born in South Africa 2006, when Finnish Outi, an artist and mum herself, collaborated with 15 African women. They made sculptures for an exhibiton in Finland, all weaved by hand, designed by Outi, empowering women who worked from home. All women were mothers, so project was named MUM's. Later on it turned to be a name for a sustainable brand "Mum's Good wih Goods". During the years a tiny art project has slightly developed to a sustainable design company, combining designers with sustainable production. Mum's has got production in four developing countries India, Souh Africa, Cambodia and Bolivia. Everything is handmade as far as possible, people work from home, save travel cost to work. Materials are local either natural or recycled, and each Mum's product is signatured by the artisan who made it.


Dimension (L x W x H) 45 x 45 x 15 Centimetre
Weight 4 Kilogram