Flowerball mini
  • Flowerball mini
  • Flowerball mini
  • Flowerball mini

Flowerball mini

This is 100% trash! A bunch of flowers which do not fade.

Designer : Heath Nash

Multicolour - mini - bended about 25-30 cm diameter

Single colour flower and butterfly shapes attached to handmade wire

From the range "Other People's Rubbish" by designer Heath Nash and his team of dedicated and skilled craftspeople who make beautiful, valuable objects from trash. Other people's rubbish is award winning collection of lampshades made of recycled plastic bottles and canisters. Collection is designed so, that every piece of a plastic canister is used- for different kind of lampshade. This is trash which leaves no trash.

100% handmade, environmentally aware and ecoconscious. While the value-added handwork and labour makes the products more costly to produce, we remain passionate and committed to recycling and bringing he trash to design field.

Colours available: multi colour and white.

How to? 100% by hand

Size: Diameter about 25-30cm

Heath Employes formes streetyoungsters for making this collection. They can do anything wih wire and are in charge with making the structures. Women collect the rubbish from beaches and households. Plastic bottles are carefully washed before cutting to leafs, buttterflies and flowers.



Dimension (L x W x H) 25 x 25 x 3 Centimetre
Weight 6 Kilogram