Royal Academy of MUM's Arts: BALL
  • Royal Academy of MUM's Arts: BALL
  • Royal Academy of MUM's Arts: BALL

Royal Academy of MUM's Arts: BALL

Designer : MUM's Original design

Gymball covered with handmade fabric. Ethical. Sustainable and eco, made in the hands of African women artisans.

Winner for "Playful Interior"- competition in Helsinki, Finland. Designed in Finland by MUM's original, Outi Puro.


DIAMETER: 55-60cm

MATERIAL: recycled cotton collected at a local t-shirt factory in Cape Town

DESIGN: Designed in Finand by Outi Puro

HOW TO? 100% handmade ethically in South Africa with traditional pearl-weaving technique. One knot reminds of a corn. In Africaans corn is Mielie. MUM's makes gymball covers in collaboration with Mielie-weavers in Cape Town South Africa.

COLOUR: White on black / Pink on black / Pink on red/ Pink on purple 

LEAD TIME: 13-15 weeks from order.

Price includes gymball. Cover is washable.

You may flatten the ball, take it our of the cover and wash it in mild or cold water. Then place ball back in and bump it round. 

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