SWAG by Stefan Nilsson
  • SWAG by Stefan Nilsson
  • SWAG by Stefan Nilsson
  • SWAG by Stefan Nilsson

SWAG by Stefan Nilsson

Designer : MUM's Original design

"SOFT WALK" design Stefan Nilsson.


The founder of Designgalleriet and trend expert Stefan NIlsson has designed three versions of rugs with words. All words are supposed to associate to youth culture with an attitude. The carpets are built on words with 70s typography, and should associate with disco, fun and a carefree attitude.

The words that the carpets consist of are swag, bruh och gurl.

Swag means to walk with stylish confidence. The origin of the word dates from the 60s when parties with LGBTQ themes were held. The abbreviation SWAG is supposed to stand for Secretly We Are Gay.


Colour choices are two: SWAG on blue and SWAG on burgundy.

Size 140x220cm/ 170x240cm/ 200x300cm.

We have used a special relief-kind of weaving technique making this rug. Surface is not flat but wool is cut in two heights. Weaving and cutting gives the rug a special urban twist.


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