Vadelma rug
  • Vadelma rug
  • Vadelma rug

Vadelma rug

Designer : MUM's Original design

Vadelma ( Rasberry in English) rug is our wet dog rug quality. We have named this quality all by ourselves. We use the best local wool but weaving is much looser than in our luxury wool rugs. Looser weaving makes the rug lighter, and even wool is long, it is not as soft and tight and durable as our luxury woolen rugs are. So this is an option if you would like to have a piece of soft kind and less cost of MUM's for your home. A nice lightweigh woolen rug.

Size is about 120x120cm and all rugs are little bit different in lines, as handmade.

Pink nuance is soft and lovely, dyed by hand.

As this is a light weight rug, it is easy to take outside to fresh air, and it has got many options where you may place is at your home.


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