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Kindly note all Mum's is handmade, made to order. From 30.8.2022 forward, rugs in 7-15kg weight category are delivered to Finland by Express only. We want to serve you better. Lead times with "normal freight" are too unpredictable and too much stress  to us all. We want to serve you better with your made to order- rugs. Thank you.

Suomu grey design Susanna Vento

Design: Susanna Vento

Suomu means Fish Scales. Pattern is designed by Susanna Vento years ago already and has turned to a classic.

Price range : 390.00€ to 1,600.00€
This item can be backordered

Product information

Suomu means Fish Scales. Pattern is designed by Susanna Vento years ago already and has turned to a classic.

Scandinavian style rug is ethically handmade. Choose your favourite lush colour and add an original woolen design rug for your interior. 

Mum's employs artisans living in rural villages in Northern India, South Africa and Bolivia. We buy each and every product and agree a fair payment in collaboration with the village leader. The truth is our artisans cannot read or write, as they have never had a chance to go to school. Working for Mum's, and receiving regular income they may pay for their kids school. It is one of the things we are most proud of.

Materal: wool

Size: regular, or any custom size

Lead time during covid is about 4-5 months.  We are so sorry to keep you waiting! Rugs are made in time, but freight is a problem.


Mum's was born in South Africa in 2006, when Finnish Outi, an artist, and mum herself, collaborated with 15 African women. They made sculptures for an exhibition in Finland, all weaved by hand, designed by Outi, empowering women who worked from home. All women were mothers, so the project was named MUM's.

Later, it became the name for a sustainable brand "Mum's Good with Goods". Over the years a tiny art project has slightly developed into a sustainable design company, combining designers with sustainable production. Mum's has got production in four developing countries India, South Africa, Cambodia, and Bolivia. Everything is handmade as far as possible, people work from home, and save travel costs to operate. Materials are local either natural or recycled, and each Mum's product is signed by the artisan who made it.

Mum’s carpets are made to order only. We manufacture all our carpets according to your wishes. The size selections available on the website are examples of the most demanded sizes based on the typical Scandinavian living room sizes. We hope they are useful when choosing the correct carpet size for your needs. Unfortunately, we cannot provide return or refund options for the made-to-order products.

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