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  • Nostalgia collection


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    Sometimes it is good to long for the past, back to "The good old days". Bright sunny days filled with fresly baked buns, and rasberry pies made by mum.   Dinner always ready, clothes cleaned, people hugging and asking how you doing, would you want to go fishing with grandpa..…

  • Feet up on good!


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    At the end of a long day, put up your feet and let them rest on a forest. Or just place your cup of hot tea on the top of this ottoman.   Forest ottoman comes in three colours: forest in deep green, natural or light grey. If you rather…

  • Mum'sin Metsän osakeanti / Mum's share issue 16.-31.7.2019


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    FI/ EN Osta pala Mum'sin Metsää. Istutamme jokaisesta heinäkuun aikana ennakkoon tilatusta Metsä-matosta puun. Puu istutetaan Varsinais-Suomeen Liedon Ilmaristen kylään. Samalla sinusta tulee Mum'sin Metsän osakkeenomistaja. Saat nimesi metsänomistajien sivullemme, kutsuja metsänomistajien juhliin, alennuksia nettikauppaamme. Yhden metsäosakkeen koko on 90x90cm ja hinta 160,00euroa. Valittavanasi on kaksi väriä luonnonvalkoinen ja syvä…

  • Bear needed a home.


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    In Spring 2019 Teresa Moorhouse designed a BEAR rug for MUM's. Bear is all natural and fair, highest quality wool. Bear needed a home, so Teresa's plan was to design a forest too. It is proven, that people living in the Nordic countries belong to the happiest nations in the…

  • Mum's. This is how we do it. ( video)


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    This is how we do it. This is how they live through it <3   I visited Mum's artisans in February in Northern India with a filming Crew, and they documented a lot of material. Stone Films will make a film of Mum's later on, but as we need short…

  • Mum's bags made of fine recycled material.


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    New bags arrive before end of April. We are happy to inform you that MUM's LONGJUMP-collection is available at Designmuseum Shop in Helsinki in he end of April 2019.   We have other very nice bags as well. All handmade of fine recycled materials, designed by Paavo Halonen, Camilla Engdahl,…

  • Meet designer Teresa Moorhouse from Helsinki


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    Interview by Hanna Suominen, Mum's.   What is your first memory of design that you remember had affected you? I don’t recall any first memory, more different atmospheres and feelings, and situations from my childhood; moments spent together around the dining table which has been decorated with beautiful mugs and…

  • Mum's silkbamboo rug is environmentally sustainable.


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    Mum's highest quality rug material is a mix of silk and bamboo fibres.   Bamboo silk fibre is all natural and biodegradable. Fibres are extremely soft and clean, and bamboo silk fibre has a natural shine and softness. Production does not produce any harmful byproduct.     A very fast…

  • Meet Mum's Wet Dog Rug quality


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    We are sincerely dedicated to sustainable design and home decor- specializing in several qualities, always natural, pure wool, natural dyes, eco-friendly design. All our materials are always locally produced, as we keep the environmental issues in mind in all we do. We use just and only natural or recycled materials.…

  • Visiting Mum's team in India


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    One of the best days of my life was visiting our artisans and their homes. Uttar Pradesh in India welcomed us with warmth. We traveled to Varanasi through Delhi and were treated like Royalty by our workshop leader Atif, who had arranged everything ready for our stay.  I was traveling…

  • SEA PEARLS in new stunning colors


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    MUM's lovely sea pearl rug is probably the sweetest thing you can have on your floor. Can you resist these delicious colors? 

  • MUM's pin workshop


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    Your chance to make your own KOALA pin with MUM's <3 Design by Jenni Tuominen. This Saturday and Sunday on 8.9.-9.9.2018 at 11-16, Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki Design Market. Take your friends and family with you and come to say hello to us. 1eur/ pin. Cash only. See you! <3: MUM's girls…

  • How to wash a rug?


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    Rugs can tie a room together, but they can cost a lot of money and are at times delicate. By knowing how to clean rugs, remove stains, you will also be able to preserve your investment. What to remember? - Remove dust, vacuum regularly (especially thick woolen rugs) and remove stains and…

  • MUM's in Helsinki Design Week


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    Helsinki Design Week is a massive festival, where all different aspects of design come together with fashion, architecture, street culture and sustainable productions. Helsinki Design Week has been organized since 2005 and it has been growing rapidly into the biggest design festival in the Nordic countries! And no wonder, because…

  • Jenni Tuominen – a designer behind the Koala collection of MUM’s


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    Our new lovely Koala collection has been seen in our earlier posts, but now we want to introduce the designer behind them – award-winning and from personal style well-known Jenni Tuominen. What will Jenni want to tell about herself as a designer and about the products she has designed?

  • MUM’s now at PUF Design Market


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    MUM’s products are now available at PUF Design Market in Turku Finland.

  • MUM's Outlet 12.5.2018 in Turku Finland.


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    Mum's findings with special price one day only at Logomo, Turku, Finland. Welcome! 

  • We all should have our own Koala


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    Because of our new collection we want to introduce some of our new products and designers behind them. At first let’s meet the collection of lovely Koalas, designed by Jenni Tuominen.  

  • SOFT WALK by Stefan Nilsson – A collection of fair design wool rugs


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    May we proudly present something special. A stunning new collection of rugs is launched at Designgalleriet’s exhibiton in Stockholm March 14-28, 2018. A collection of handmade wool rugs is a Nordic design collaboration with Swedish trend guru Stefan Nilsson and Finnish Mum’s. Rugs are designed by Stefan Nilsson and produced by Mum’s. 

  • Wall hanging design is coming back


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    Scandinavian style took off stateside in 1950 and enjoyed enormous popularity through the ‘60s. Today, the clean lines and cool simple tones are back. We can see wall hanging design coming back, bringing warm and inviting look to your home décor.

  • The tiger who came home to stay


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    This story is about a little 9 year old boy, who fell in love with MUM's Tiger rug, designed by Paavo Halonen.

  • MUM’s 3 Birgitta-näyttely ja shop avautuu 2.12.2017 Helsingissä


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    MUM’sin Shop ja näyttely avoinna joka joulukuun lauantai kello 12-15 Cafe Birgitassa Hernesaaressa. MUM'sin työpajat aloittaa Penttala Floral Designin Minna lauantaina 2.12. 2017 teemalla ”Kas, kransseja”. Osallistumismaksu 10 euroa. Lauantaina 16.12 "Pus, paperikollaaseja"- työpaja. Kuvittaja ja graafikko ja MUM'sin yksi suunnitteilja Jenni Tuominen. Materiaalimaksu 10 euroa. Elämyslahjaksi Vintageart Originalsin Riikka…