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Written on January 12, 2021

Plant based natural colours for 2021

Naturally dyed wool will almost always have variations that are called abrash. The subtle changes in shade are the imperfections that give natural colors their own special unique charm. Mum's new collection is based on plant based colours. For Spring 2021 we made Pipana Natural's collection: beautiful cushions and rugs designed by Jenni Rope, in plant based colours. Kind of elegant look, don't you think?




Natural wool is the base. One may find some yellowish tones which come from weld and larkspur ( värireseda & ritarinkannukset in Finnish). Green dyes are produced by double dying the yarn first in larkspur, weld or saffron and then indigo. Orange dye colour is produced from henna leaves, brown from oak bark, nutshells and walnuts. For some browns a wool of brown sheep is used. The leaves of the indigo plant is the eldest, and most common source. The leaves must be fermented to produce blue colour.

 JENNIROPE mums Designer web  Aurinkotuuli 4 cushion Pipana jennirope web kopio Aurinkotuuli cushion Pipana jennirope web kopio

Pipana collection is desgned by Finnish Jenni Rope. Plant based colours from nature.

Inari cushion Pipana jennirope web KUUKKELI Pipana cushion jennirope webPALLASJARVI cushion Pipana Jennirope web

HR natural nature cushion   HR Pipana natural nature

tunurisusi kokokuva

pipana 4 natural on natural mums

Non dyed natural wool.

Natural pipana logo