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Written on November 30, 2020

Glassbeads with a lot of LOVE!

Our decorations are handmade by skilled Indian women, who earn their living making beautiful glass beaded items.

You find tiny sweet keyrings and decorations, but also a stunning fashion handbag. All designed in Finland by designers and artisans Teresa Moorhouse, Jenni Tuominen, Paavo Halonen, Mum's original.

We keep these treasures in stock. All bead decorations arrive to you in a beautiful handmade gift box. HELMI/ Pearl clutch bag is a perfect gift as well.

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HELMI laukku bag fashion muoti eco eko laitila minttuMUMS PONY keyring jennituominen family gift

                MUMS keyring jennituominen family gift making of decoration

                BEAR mums keyring ig HELMI studio fashion muoti eko laitilan laukku bag A low

glassbeads PEACE LOVE decoration christmas bird heart 2

TIGER of FINLAND Paavo Halonen Christmas deco gift low