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Written on August 18, 2020

Heath Nash helps artisans. Let's help Heath Nash!

Our turn. Heath Nash and his team needs help. South Africa is also badly affected by covid. Let's place orders for Heath and his team. We give -15% discount for unique Flowerball lampshades. Valid till 30.8.2020. Flowerball is part of award winning series "Other People's Rubbish", exhibited in Milan, London, Helsinki, New York, Kioto, Venice, Cape Town. Heath Nash is the young designer of the year, The King of Ecodesign, dear friends.

The South African artist and designer Heath Nash upcycles plastic waste to make lamps. His flagship design is a ball decorated with hundreds of recycled plastic flowers. Flowerball. Lampshade collection is handmade and unique environmentally-conscious product. In 2010 Nash won eco-lighing award at prestigious interiors show Habitare, and in 2013 his works were chosen to display at the museum of African design. Nash works together with a group of local artisans to develop and create innovative lighting products, using a variety of recycled and recyclable materials.

Meet part of their collection HERE.

heathnashIn 2005 he met Richard Mandogwe, another South African artist, who sells beautiful flowers made from recycled plastic bottles and wire. It was a lightbulb moment for Nash. He decided to explore plastic waste. He began collecting hundreds of used milk, shampoo and detergent bottles. In his workshop, they were sorted, washed, carefully cut and folded by hand to form petals, leaves and butterflies attached to a galvanized steel wire frame.

Nash created a style which combines contemporary design, recycled materials used in local crafts and traditional African methods - such as working with wire and reusing materials. 

STORY Keizer making recycled Flowers for lampshades

MATERIALS Ladies collecting Plastic BottlesSTORY Workshops at Helsinki Designweek with HeathNash

Mum's workshops with Heath Nash arranged during Helsinki design week 2012. Thank You Mehukatti! <3