Written on March 22, 2021

HÄN. Made in Turku, Finland.

We only have one word in Finnish language for She/He. It is HÄN. Hän spreads equality, which is a core value for Finnish people and Finland. Predating to he first Finnish language book from 1543, "Hän" has always existed in Finnish. We have an equal education system here in Finland, dated to 1866, when Finland ensured that education would be available to everyone, avoding the socal inequality ha comes from having an educated elite and uneducated lower class. Finland also has an network of prenaal clinics that provide healhcare to all excecing mothers equally. This origin's from 1930's. Did you also happen to know our President Sauli Niinistö's wife Jenni Haukio gave birth to their son in a public hospital, just like everyone else does.

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Mum's HÄN cushion promotes equality around the world. We are all "Same Same but Different", no matter where in the world we live in. Collecion also tells about the story of Mum's, as we collaborate with people around the world, hope to support people living in small communities in India, South Africa, Cambodia and Bolivia. Sweetly smiling faces, wih large kind eyes, printed on natural material delight every home. There is always someone waiting for you to come back home, with a smile. Always someone you may talk to- a VERY good listener indeed.

han_curly_girl_jenni_tuominen_-outipuro_cushion_tyyny_contempor_p39158Original HÄN cushions are handmade in a small village n Northern India. 

Designer, artist, illustrator and ceramist Jenni Tuominen design collection is printed in Finland, in Turku, former Finland's capital. Material is all natural flax and size 45x45cm. Mum's collaborates with Turku City social project with making this collection come true.

We sincerely Thank all the lovely skilled people here in Turku, and of course, fantastic Jenni Tuominen for drawing these beauties, which we adore.

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