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Written on January 16, 2020

Dear Stockholm, Giada Ganassin's Thinker's made for You.


We are pleased and happy to present a new ecodesign collection by Parisian artist, designer and illustrator Giada Ganassin.


Giada is a woman who draws. Her "Big girl's" are woven on 100% eco material. Material is one of the most respected rug materials in the world, a mixture of 100% natural silk and 100% natural bamboo fibres. This material is also 100% non allergenic.

Silk gives the rug a beauiful elegant matte shine. This is a real ecoluxury rug.


giada stockholm

For Mum's Giada has drawn a girl. It is a sroty about a girl, Erikona (big Erika in Italian), who is very tall. She is as tall as the two meters of the carpet therefore she is able to fit in it perfectly when she comfortably lays on it, from head all the way to toes. Girl lays is different positions, on different sized rugs, and also on wall as a wallrug.

 Rug Giada Ganassin girl eco design ethical Think silk bamboo natural       Giada 2 low eeli .    Giada 4 eeli low

Giada's designs are also available in Mum's original wool. Original wool is durable and priced reasonably in comparison with our ecoluxury materials.

Lead time 6-8 weeks in Finland, 7-10 weeks abroad.

Design: Giada Ganassin, Paris

Meet Giada at Stockholm Furniture Fair on Wednesday 5.2.2020 at 3pm, Mum's booth B01:01

If you want to inerview Giada in person please send a message to Mum's at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank You!

 Giada 5 eeli low