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Written on October 24, 2019

Money does not rule the world. Trees do.

Trees are beautiful, so is forest. Every single tree works as a carbon sink, every tree matters, every planted tree matters.

Parents in the world are all the same, as we want the best for our children. No matter where in the world people live. It is called love, and caring, and it connects us people.

Green Forest Share HERE.

Natural Fors Share HERE.

We here at Mum's have a created a Forest Share Issue. Buy a piece of Forest rug designed by Teresa Moorhouse, and you get a beautiful Forest rug, as well become MUM's Forest Share Holder. As a Forest Share Holder you are treated especially. Of course we send you special discounts, you may order special unique handmade products based on your own wishes, creating work for people living in rural conditions, small villages, in totally different world from ours. Why is this important to us?

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Did you know most of our Mum's artisans have not had a chance to go to school. That is why they do not now how to read or write. But. Most of our artisans are parents, like many of us. They love their children and hope the best for them, of course. Like all the parents in the world, dispite where in the world you live. We are the same. Our artisans want to give their children a chance to go to school, so their future would have more possibilities, they could learn and study. And only education makes world more visible and gives life on this planet more sense.


And we, parents here in the North. We can support by employing. It is not just about buying a rug. It is about supporting people's lives, about planting trees, for all the kids, for their future. Money does not rule to world. Trees do.


Let's make a forest.


Outi, mum of Mum's, mum of four wonderful  kids.


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