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Written on March 25, 2019

Meet Mum's Wet Dog Rug quality

We are sincerely dedicated to sustainable design and home decor- specializing in several qualities, always natural, pure wool, natural dyes, eco-friendly design.

All our materials are always locally produced, as we keep the environmental issues in mind in all we do. We use just and only natural or recycled materials. Our wool does not travel in trucks to the villages, but on bicycles, by our artisans making the rugs.

One of the materials is " Wet Dog Rug" quality. We have named it ourselves, as it somehow describes the casual style and bohemian glamour, this rug's warm soul. Wet Dog Rug quality differs from our soft and thick luxury wool quality quite a lot. Luxury wool lasts for a lifetime or two, if you take good care of it. Wet Dog Rug is good quality, but life of this rug is bit shorter, in comparison to luxury wool rugs.

LINTUMETSÄ is a lightweight wet dog rug, weaved loosely. Feeling is nice and relaxed, bit like a Moroccan style rug.


You may also wash this woolen rug, but only in mild temperature.

Dry flat. If you need any help with custom sizes, we are happy to help! Lead time is 7-10 weeks from the date of order.


Mums rug LINTUMETSA wool wetdog villa ethical Interior MG 0205Mums rug LINTUMETSA wool wetdog villa finnish design

Mums rug LINTUMETSA wool wetdog villa ethical Interior closeup

PInkki villamatto

VADELMA uusi PInk MUMs rug