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Written on April 01, 2019

Mum's silkbamboo rug is environmentally sustainable.

Mum's highest quality rug material is a mix of silk and bamboo fibres.


Bamboo silk fibre is all natural and biodegradable. Fibres are extremely soft and clean, and bamboo silk fibre has a natural shine and softness. Production does not produce any harmful byproduct.


GIADA GANASSIN mums rug silkbamboo interior MUMS silk balboo poiat Chair interior

A very fast growing bamboo grass is ready for harvesting within 4 years. Farming of trees to produce fiber does not require pesticides and re-planing is mot needed as bamboos extensive root base sprouts new shoots readily. Because of this, bamboo is considered to be a highly sustainable product.

Rug Giada Ganassin eco design ethical Think silk bamboo natural GIADA GANASSIN silk bamboo eco rug mumsrug HR

For the fibres woody stems are crushed and natural enzymes break down the stems so that the fibres can be combed out and spun. This process is very labour-intensive.

This silk bamboo material is for real eco-friends. Producers use the Lyocell process, which uses non-toxics. Process captures and recycles 99.5% of the non toxic chemicals used. 

MUMs silkbamboo giada Ganassin paris finnishRug Giada Ganassin girl eco design ethical Think silk bamboo natural

Silk is obtained from the cocoons of the larvae of the mulberry silkworm. If well done, silk manufacturing process can be low waste and harmonious process. Funny to say, but silk worms keep raw, gluten-free, dairy free diet which consists only mulberry leaves. The raw silk is produced through fermentation, same like brewing beer..

 Silk bamboo is naturally breathable. It is one of the most respected rug materials in the world, also partly used within fashion and textile industry. From consumers’s perspective silkbamboo might be more expensive. It simply costst more to produce.


100% eco.

100% natural.

Elegant, beautiful shine.


Rug designs for MUM's by two fantastic women Giada Ganassin from Paris and Teresa Moorhouse from Helsinki.


RUG GIADA GANASSIN PAris Interior Ethical MUMS FINLAND making lowSILKBAMBOO bear interior floor Mums rugGIADA Ganassin mums rug bamboo silk bowl



KARHU silk bambu mums matto silkbamboo mumsrug     SILKBAMBOO bear interior floor Mums rug