Written on August 17, 2023

Golden blue: Natural indigo is ZERO WASTE

Indigo has said to be India's " blue gold" and that is for a reason. Indigo is a plant which has been grown, harvested and made into dye on family owned plots in India. Production usually takes place three times in a year. Every time before harvesting there is a prayer and belssings are made. Natural indigo dye is extracted of Indigofera plants with a patient craft. In India Indigo is percieved as "Blue Goddess". It is seen as the colour of the Hindu Gods symbolizing the colour of the cosmos.


Indigo is said to be the golden blue. It is an integral part of India and India has ruled the trade for Indigo. A fabric dyed in this colour was found wrapped around a vase of 5000-year old civilization. 


Green leaves are turned to blue dye. Leaves of the plant are gathered together  and immersed in a huge tank filled with water, then allowed to ferment. After fermantation leaves are removed, water drained into another tank where the solution oxidises and sediment settles settle at the bottom of the tank. Finally the sediment powder is dreid and packed into cakes. Leaves must be harvested just before their pink flowers bloom. One needs to be quick as after harvesting the leaves must reach the tank within three hours. in order to yield the best quality indigo.KIVIKKO MATTI PIKKUJAMSA Mums indigo blue rug finnish design

Matti PIkkujämsä's KIVIKKO rug is a wallruga as well a carpet. Custom made.

Best thing in the dyeing process is it is zero waste as the spent indigo leaves from the first tank are taken back to the fields for composting and the water from the second tank is used for irrigation. Indigo also works as a great nitrogen fixer for the soil.

 Mums rug matto natural INARI skyblue indigo natural plantbased luonnollinen jennirope design interior sisustus decoration Nordic simplicity calm soothing web

Indigo blue is also used in Finnish Jenni Rope's Pipana collection: admirable lovely rugs and cushions in wool and relief pile. 

Mum's uses indigo colour mixed with pure non dyed natural wool in KIVIKKO rug designed by fantastic multitalented Finnish artist and designer Matti Pikkujämsä. His original design is symmetrical but pattern may be adjusted to custom sizes as well. Rug is made of localy highest quality Indian wool and knotted. It is the most time consuming process in creating a rug. Still, this rug serves you much longer than the time what it takes to make. Same design may be turned ta carpet or a wallrug. Dyeing process is made by hand in the same village in India where Mum's rugs are born.

INDIGO powder


HR INARI cushion 4


Pipana relief pile wool cushion cover design Jenni Rope. Wool in the cushion is a mixture of light Indigo + natural wool. Indigo blue  is all natural dye.