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Written on June 03, 2019

Bear needed a home.

In Spring 2019 Teresa Moorhouse designed a BEAR rug for MUM's. Bear is all natural and fair, highest quality wool. Bear needed a home, so Teresa's plan was to design a forest too.

It is proven, that people living in the Nordic countries belong to the happiest nations in the world. We live in close relationship with nature and people appreciate simple, authentic things. The forest cover in Finland is more extensive than in any other European country. About 75% of our land is under forests.

If you go down to the woods in Finland today, an encounter with a bear is very unlikely. There are only about 2000 bears freely roaming around country. Bears and forest belong together though, as deep dark green forest is home for our bears.


Simple and elegant Forest rug is stylish and classic. Rug can be custom made to any size. Colours vary from natural to deep forest green and light grey.

vaaleamattodetalji kuusenlatvat tummamatto destku koira teresa moorhouse finnish design rug matto tummamattokaakeliuuni teresa moorhouse finnish design rug mums

Rug is weaved by hand. Artisans concentrate on details especially. Pattern is quite difficult to weave, but skilled hands know how.

This is a new rug for autumnn 2019, available to order already.

More info This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +358 50 4450 864 / Outi

Thank you for the fair Forest, Teresa.

vaaleamattoovi tummamattodestku sireenit

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