Written on October 16, 2021

Juuso Enala's favourites and temporal strata

Juuso Enala, the CEO of famous Finnish Advertising Agency Hansdotter Oy lives close to the sea in Turku. Their home is a visible story of layers of time, a beautifully designed delicate mixture of both contemporary and traditional Finnish architecture. Timeless combination brings more than 60 years together in a cool, inspiring and harmonius way. Juuso and his family's home shows respect to time and it's existence. Layers of time and traces of life are accepted as part of living. Enala family's motto is "What works is not fixed". Juuso kindly wrote about the temporal strata of their home's story. He also chose five of his Mum's favourites. Thank You Juuso!


Family Enala chooses their furniture with time by their style, quality and sustainability. Kenno lakritsa rug looks stunning a Enala's.

BIG MAMA Ikikorpi On black design basket Mums kori lowIKIKORPI cushion yellow light grey finnish design         IKIKORPI signatured cushion tyyny bw low

Big Mama storage basket is timeless.  This recycled cotton and leather basket It's one of Juuso's Mum's favourites. So are woolen Ikikorpi cushions.


Temporal strata, written by Juuso Enala


I read in an interior design magazine how Housing Fair homes seem a bit unnatural in the minds of visitors because they are only decorated with new furniture. Exhibition houses lack natural temporal strata.

I have the privilege of living in the first renovated Housing fair exhibition home in Finnish history. Our original front manor house dates from 1957. It was renovated and expanded first for the Turku Housing Fair in 1988 and then again in 2010. The building itself represents several decades. Likewise its interior. The motto of our family is that what works is not fixed. The walls are not painted and the furniture is not changed according to fashion. When there is a knock on the wall, it is packed and painted in Danish style only from the damaged area.

CUSHIONS front HAN cushion jennituominen markkagonzo japan curly girl HAN cushion jennituominen markkagonzo japan girl

HAN curly girl printed pieniHAN boy printed pieni HAN GIRL turku pieni

HÄN cushion collection design by Jenni Tuominen is Juuso's favourite. HÄN is a symbol for equality.  Hän is the gender-neutral Finnish personal pronoun that treats everyone equally. Mum's HÄN cushions come is both printed and handmade woolen. Woolen cushions are handmade by artisan women in India. Printed cushions are made iby women n Turku, Finland


There are no curtains in our home (except for roller blinds) in any of the windows and there are only three carpets throughout the apartment. When it was finally decided to change the allergenic rug that had passed it's teens in the living room, time was taken to choose a new one. The newcomer had to look like it had always been as part of our home. 

FOREST ottoman 45x45 interior rahi web low           FOREST ottoman natural 45x45 interior rahi webFOREST METSA green ottoman teresa moorhouse finnish design

Juuso's fav's: Forest ottomans, natural and deep forest green! Design Teresa Moorhouse.


Mum´s' dark-speaking, but at the same time wonderfully fresh Kenno Lakritsa rug spoke to us not only with its look but also with its responsible production: wool from free-range sheep, designed in Finland and woven by hand in India, by local women.

 When we got the rug in it's place, in the living room, it was clear from the first moment that our choice was more than successful. Kenno gently gathers our sofa corner together and brings new posture to the whole room. It brings a new level to our temporal layers and even more.

Kenno is timeless. It’s a sure sign of tomorrow’s classic.


 By Juuso Enala.

Thank You Juuso!

FOX wallhook koukku ripustus mums ZOO pieni

Fox wallhook is 100% fair and handmade in Africa, material is telephone wire, designed by Mum's.

Fox was chosen as one of Juuso's joyful fav's!