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Written on September 12, 2021

Finnish Interior designer and shop owner Kati Laituri prefers wool

Finnish interior designer Kati Laituri prefers natural materials in home decor because of their functionality and feel. Kati's company Kotilaituri offers friendly, warm-hearted interior design based on solid know-how. In the small, warm-hearted village of Ilmarste in Lieto, Kati also has an interior design store. During the summer, Katia and her delights have been able to meet her from Hanko for her summer shop.

Kati chose Mum’s white five natural favorites. "The home dock is decorated with a good eye and heart. I draw inspiration and ideas for interior design from Finland and abroad, trending trends and classics and appreciating durability and nature. This is reflected in my store's selection and design work." - Kati Laituri 

( Katin valinnat suomeksi TÄÄLLÄ)

 TADAA and Kati's five favorites from Mum's selection are:


1. Koko Iäksi ( For the whole life)

Kati: As the name suggests, I bought for us For The whole life wool rug and is suitable for many decorations and homes. The advantage of this wool rug, which has already become a Mum's classic, is that even in a large size, a thin wool rug is light. It is also wonderful that the designers are Saana and Olli from Turku.

Guess who, in ancient times, who bought our very first Full Age Mum's rug? Well it was Kati! She certainly has got a sense for future classics <3

FOREST green teresamoorhouse METSA rg wool villamatto matto NORDIC sisustus LOW

Wool is one of Kati's favorite materials. In her own home, Kati has wool rugs in the kitchen and living room. The villa repels dirt and has a pleasant feel underfoot.

2. Forest wool carpet

Kati loves the forest and trees. The soft embossed pattern of the rug feels lovely underfoot in Kati's mind and reminds me of the grounding of the forest.


3. Touko

 Kati thinks that the milk coffee-colored rug with the black pattern is wonderful because it is recycled cotton. A thin flat weave carpet is practical for many spaces.

Kati prefers thick wool carpets because they not only heat but also dampen the acoustics of the space. At Mum's rugs, Kati appreciates the comprehensive range of sizes and the opportunity to order many rugs with her own dimensions, unique handcrafted products and an ethical approach.

KESANTO rug nordic simplicity interior finnish rug matto natural MS web KESANTO simplicity nordic scandinavian interior inspiration rug natural web

4. Kesanto

A thick, plant-dyed natural rug exudes the luxury of wool.

Katti thinks it's gratifying that there are more vegetable or natural wool-dyed pillows suitable for the carpet in Mum's collection.


5. Aino & Einar

571 / 5000

A hick and sof high quality carpet handmade of wool. Kati definitely sees this as a big rug.

Thanks to Kati, Mum's mother Outi also receives feedback: "Outi knows the carpet weavers and takes care of the journey of the carpets from their birth to the customer's floor, if necessary ♥"  

-10% discount on Kati's choices until Sunday 19.9. until. The sale applies to both our new and previous customers and also to custom-made products. You can get a discount at the checkout with the code KATINALE10. Delivery in late November / early December. For more information, kindly contact Outi This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

KATI LAITURI sielukasmedia

Photo Sielukasmedia

Kati' s website and shop HERE

Kati instagram @katilaituri


During the summer, Kati's summer shop can be found in Hanko. In Ilmarinen, Lieto, near Turku, Kati has her own wonderful interior design store to support and accompany the work of an interior designer.