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Written on September 10, 2021

Organic Silk mix rug is the Winner for a nature lover's home

Mum's Ketunpesä (Fox nest) silk wool mix rug for beautiful souls.

OUTI Intiassa 1

Once here was a time when I was so different, I was perhaps even just a bit freightening.. <3 ( photo Markus Vikainen, Stonefilms, India)

The combination of pure silk and sheep wool in the rug is the highest quality possible. Wool is durable. It repels dirt and acts as a thermal and noise insulator. Natural pure silk gives the rug a matte, natural unique mae shine. Silk in the rug tones with elegant dignity without being unnecessarily boastful. Wool mixed with silk rugs are knotted by hand. Hand-knotted rugs, on the other hand, are the most prestigious and high-quality in terms of quality. The knots make the rug very strong and the rug will last for generations. Silk is obtained from the silky worms of a silk butterfly and the wool from sheep, yes, you knew it, but just to mention as renewable natural materials both. 

NEWRUG tiger cushion matto silk carpet nordichome nordic white interior relief whitehome valkoinen valkoinenkoti valkoinensisustus web SILK WOOL RUG HAND KNOTED silkkivilla solmittu laadukas matto web

Mum's silk ix wool rugs are all locally produced so no harm for our nature in the making process not in the sourcing of material. Silk is locally produced and wool comes from sheep wandering free, owned by the community who also knots the rugs. Sheep support also artisan's income. ha is also one of the reasons why we make everything locally. Only freight to Finland and to you is long.. Material, silk and wool is taken to the village on age old bicycles as sheep and silk are available close by.

KETUNPESA solmttu silkki nepalilainen matto rug knotted Nepalese koko ig

This rug material is a perfecr choice for a person who really wants a high quality, environmentally friendly, natural rug for their home. Natural materials always bring peace and soothenes in home. Ths material does not frey nor loose any wool or silk. Pattern in the carpet is designed by Mum's and surface is cu by hand using scissors. A piece af art.

Makingof Giada Smalla IMG 7822 SILKBAMBOO Giada IMG 7441

We make also another kind of organic rgs. Rugs with a mix of silk x bamboo fibres and mix of wool x bamboo fibres. Wool and bamboo fibre is flat weave not handn knoted bu hand weaved. Flat surface is sutiable and practical for kitchen's, silk rugs for living rooms and bedrooms. All highest hand knotted quality, all organic and all natural. Meet our wool-silk bears, and silk x bamboo mix designs by fantastic Italian-Parisian Giada Ganassin here, and wool x bamboo mixed rugs HERE. Everything all organic, non allergenic and natural.

Dreamer design Giada Ganassin rug interior luxury Giada 1 low Eeli

Photo Eeli Savolainen

Photos in India Markus VIkainen Stonefilms

Other photos Mum's.