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Written on December 19, 2017

The tiger who came home to stay

This story is about a little 9 year old boy, who fell in love with MUM's Tiger rug, designed by Paavo Halonen.

Ilmari began to save money for the rug, and Paavo heard about the story as Ilmari's mum is an interior journalist and wrote an article about Paavo. Paavo contacted MUM's Outi and asked, if we could give some kind of discount for this little boy. Outi's heart melted - like Paavo's earlier too. Outi suggested Ilmari's mother writing a story about Ilmari's "dream rug", his love for animals and Outi and Paavo decided to give the rug for Ilmari. It was agreed the money saved by Ilmari was donated for WWF, for Tiger's protection program. All this done by Ilmari himself. 

This is a real Christmas story, we think. Thank You dearest Ilmari.  <3


Paavo & Outi

Rug Tiger Paavo Halonen MUMs design finnish low

Mums matto rug Paavo Halonen design net

Mums Tiger rug sleeping Paavo Halonen wool matto