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Written on March 07, 2022

How does rug's color affect the interior? Pinta rug as an example, design Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo

We make Pinta rugs in two techniques: knotting by hand and weaving by hand. Knotted rug is a high pile wool rug, thick, warm , softand durable. A luxurious ecological and natural materila, ecoconscious choice for your living room, by your bed, waking up the feet gently in the morning. We make weaved wool rugs. Those are handmade and surface is flat. Weaved rug material is practical in every room in the house and home: corridor, kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom. But what happens to this PINTA ( Surface) pattern design when we chance the colour in the same room? How does the colours affect the sould of your room and interior? Read and see more here.

PINTA mattosävy sisustus Terhi 2022

All the rugs pictured are made with knotting. So these rugs you may see are all high pile rugs, wool cut to 2,5 cm of pile height.

DESIGNERS Pasi Karkkainen tunkelo MUMs

Pinta pattern is designed by Finnish Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo (b. 1986). He is a versatile designer who has collaborated with several Finnish brands in different kind of projects, all from glass products to textile. For Mum's he has designed Pinta and Savanni patterns. Pinta consists of many different colour combinations meanwhile Savanni ( Savannah) has got one warm savannah colour nuances. One is enough when it is beautiful.

Savanni Pasi Karkkainen Mums FinlandSAVANNI Design Pasi Karkkainen Mums luxury low

 Savannah rug, hand knotted, Mum's eco luxury wool. Local and ethical production meets Pasi's design.

Mums rug pinta Pasi karkkainen wool villa ethical Interior mattoHOME pinta ig1

Sometimes you just love it, even it is not thick and super-soft, but flat.

PINTA rug Pasi Karkkainen light grey on grey vaaleanharmaa harmaa matto rug design Scandinavian Finnish web PINTA luxurywool ig2

PINTA pinkki beige finnish rug wool webPINTA Pasi karkkainen rug mums wool inerior green on green


Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo is a master, when it comes to colour combinations, and patterns, of course. Kindly note sketches below are for colour reference only. All colours available in thick eco luxury wooll, knotted and flat weave original wool quality.


PINTA colours 2022