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Written on September 16, 2023

Maija Louekari x Mum's

And again, as always at this time of the year, it is time for the big and thick woolrugs. Mum's eco luxury wool quality is all soft and highest quality handmade, knot by knot. Signatured by the artisan who made your rug. Lastst for a lifetime and more.

Maija Louekari is a famous Finnish freelance designer and her loved patterns spread around in for example Marimekko collections. Years ago Maija designed Mum's two rugs named LOVE and PEACE. Because every home needs love and peace.

MAIJALOUEKARI RAkkaus Love rug woolrug soft thick cosy paksu villamatto kasinsolmittu handmade ethical fairtrade reilukauppa uniikki mustavalkoinen bold blackandwhite interior mums Nordic HR

Love at first sight? Love pattern may also be made in round shape, any custom size. This is all about LOVE, dear friends, design Maija Louekari.

RAKKAUS LOVE rug blackandwhite mustavalkoinen koti home eko finnish interior design ecological ethical eettinen maijalouekari mumsmatto web

Handmade using highest quality local sheep wool. Sheep wander free and are sheared animal friendly by hand. All traditional, slow process.

DESIGNERS maija louekari

Say Hi to Maija.


MAIJA LOUEKARI FInnish design LOVE rakkaus wool rug matto villamattoMAIJA LOUEKARI FInnish design YELLOW NATURAL LOVE rakkaus wool rug matto villamatto

MAIJA LOUEKARI interior cosy nordic colour FInnish design YELLOW NATURAL LOVE rakkaus wool rug matto villamattorakkaus keltainen 1

rakkaus keltainen close up

Rakkaus/ Love rug may also be made flat weave. This quality is Mum's best seller as it is practical, high quality rug suitable in any space at home. Rug is reversible.


PEACE Rauha Maija ouekari Rug Mums fair nordic ethicalPEACE Rauha Maija Louekari Rug Mums fair nordic ethical blue low

RAUHA/ PEACE rugs come in two different colourways. Custom made to any size you wish. Rug pictured here is size 90 x 200cm. This is handmade woolrug in flat weave quality. Finnish. Nordic design at it's best. A classic.


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