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Written on October 01, 2021

Tips! What is the best size for a rug in the living room

Let’s focus on carpets in the living room and what to consider when thinking about carpet space and size. The decision is not an easy one and it is worth considering. A rug is a long-term investment. Large size is not to be feared. The biggest mistake often is to choose a small size that is too small for the space. Then the carpet looks as a lonely desert island lost in the sea. This may sound complacent, of course, as the carpet seller here says so, but many interior designers agree, including interior design guru Lauren Flanagan. You should dare to make the carpets in the rooms bigger and preferably a little bigger than you would have thought. The position of the carpet in space is like an anchor. The rug is not a performing stage, but more like an anchor, which gathers and links space, brings atmospheric permanence, security of mind and personality to the room and space.

20200923111403 IMG 8684

A large custom made thick and soft eco luxury Mum's wool rug for our client's living room in Finland.


Of course, the carpet warms and also acts as sound insulatior, but above all, a large carpet brings peace to the space, anchors the space. In Nordic homes, the basic sizes of living room rugs are 140 x 200, 170 x 240 and 200 x 300 cm, depending on the size of the room. Remember that you can always have a rug larger than you want. A carpet made to size is not as expensive as a basic rug.  If there is not much space and the carpet is placed close to the wall, then it is worth leaving at least 15-20cm of clean floor space between the carpet and the wall. It is good to peek between the floor and the wall.



HOW_to_place-a_rug_with_sofa_sohva_matto_koko_2.jpeg 320x220cm_HOW_TO-PLACE_A_RUG_with_sofa_matto_sohva_sijoitus_sisustus_iso_4.jpeg image_67152641.JPG 

Our client chose a large 100% natural and organic Kesanto rug for their beautiful living room space. Nordic nature inside and outside. ALL NATURAL kesanto

Color and pattern

Consider what color and pattern you want. What kind of amosphere do you like, or aim for. A patterned rug is a great way to add color, personality and interest to a space, especially if the room is furnished with otherwise neutral furniture and elements. The patterned rug is practical because it also fades out traces of life and possible small drips from everyday life. Naturally, and especially on a flat weave one colour carpet, stains are more easily visible. A longer hairy wool rug, on the other hand, gives more forgiveness.

PARE colours mix

Päre rug is a classic, simple pattern. We make i with many natural colour combinations from all natural whie to mix of browns, greys, smokygreys. Mums rug PARE brown mix Finnish design matto villa wool

PARE luxury wool closeup design mumsrug rugPARE Blue on Ligh Grey

Päre rug. Close up of black pattern on natural and light grey mix background.         A special colour for our client: Midnight blue Päre pattern on silver grey.

PÄRE thick wool rug MUMs Finland  PARE rug SMOKEY GREY MIX Design light Grey mix Finnish MUMs white on brownmix 170x240cm PARE paksu villamatto vaaleanharmaa mix rug Design light Grey mix Finnish MUMs white on brownmix 170x240cmPARE rug Design Finnish MUMs white on brownmix 170x240cm

Päre natural.                                                  Päre Smokey grey.                                Päre light grey.                                    Päre brown mix.




Päre in original colour: black pattern on natural white background.



A home that delights you with color may need colorful rugs. For a colorful room, you should try to find a rug that would match the colors that exist in the room. This way the colors would not conflict. Complely different color may start to strain your mind when the room becomes too restless. If you like color, then color can be, a little reflection, and you can really start from the color scheme of the room. What is important there? Perhaps a painting important to you? pic colours from tha painting ans choose the same colours for your interior and rug. Color is a wonderful thing in life and there is no need or fear for color. Often the most stunning interior designs are conjured up with colorful carpets and patterns. These colorful ensembles and rich patterns can often be admired on the covers of the most famous French or Italian interior design magazines.

The color is always delightful. Color is a matter of taste, but often in practice it is the case that a lighter rug is chosen for a darker sofa, and a darker rug for a lighter sofa. The contrast between the two elements aligns. Often, a colorful or patterned rug is also a good option to accompany a simple sofa.  The rug has a big impact on the overall look of the space. That’s why you should prefer the kind of rug you like and want to live with. Then you will not get bored on your carpet.

IMG_1070.jpg           E44F1101-0A7A-47F6-BE94-BEFDE0D6CBF0.JPG

We made this rug match the family's favourite painting, ad picked to colours for the rug from the painting. Rug is called Pinta and design by FInnish Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo. Hand knotted thick luxry wool rug. Painting by Finnish artist Henna Pajulammi.

ELINA_SALO_versio2_musta_kalat_luonnos_Kalaverkko_120x270_MUMs_Finland_kopio_2.jpeg    IMG_9761.jpg

We made a flat weave custom wool rug called Kalaverkko, based on the our client's wish to match heir painting as well heir sofa colours.


KASSENA ig3 mums interior 

A custom made, flat weave Mum's loves Africa wool rug anchores the vintage and contemporary style furniture in Hamburg city, at our client's home.

Black and white s always a good choice.



Think about the material. How do you wish your rug to feel in the state where you think it is. Warm? Hard? Sof? Silky? The thick soft wool rug brings warmth to the space, is warm-hearted and genuinely warm. Silk is wonderfully soft and beautiful, but also very expensive and more difficult to clean. Other great organic materials include wool silk and silk bamboo. Cotton is a practical and easy-care, so is flat weave wool rug. There are as many qualities for even one recycled coton rug, as there are churches in the world, one might say. Choose a durable and well-made rug. Print-patterned rugs can be forgotten, if you want a long-lasting serene coexistence wih a rug. A durable rug is also the smartest choice for the environment. There is a lot of machine-made, printed on carpets. The starting point is other than making a long-lasting carpet. Consider practical things when thinking about the material for the rug. What space and use will the carpet be in?


FEEL FREE! Forms and shapes.

You don't even have to freeze in shape! The carpet can be round, oval, square or square. It doesn’t always have to be traditionally rectangular. Think about how you walk in the room. What kind of areas are there in the space. Could the carpet “stop” different spaces at some point in the room.  Is there a dining table in the same room, for example? Stack the dining area together on another rug. And maybe there is a “nest space” formed by armchairs in the room, jyst to relax with? Chairs and table gather together all on one carpet. 

Well what to do you mos preferably do in the living room? Maybe you have a wonderful view from the windows, or focus on watching TV in the living room. Make the location of the carpet according to the core function of the room. The largest mat for the biggest function. For smaller other functions, a smaller mat, perhaps different shapes.

SPACE Odyssey Avaruusseikkailu rug Saana ja Olli black natural 20200923111311 IMG 8681KUMPUKYLA round interior matto rug natural eko lowAvaruus Space Saana ja Olli finnish design matto ryijy suomalainen nordic skandinaavinen web

ruskeakarhuvaaka eggtuoli

If you want your beauiful floor visible, why not a bear? 


Think before you buy

If not quite sure what you want, don’t part with the first rug right away. A rug is a considered investment that will be a big part of your home and your life. The carpet in the room is it's anchor not a performing stage. You also may not want the anchor to be a mini-island, drowned somewhere in the sea of ​​your living room decor. If you want a small rug in the living room, proportion the size to fit your sofa. At its smallest, the rug is proportional to the sofa so that the rug runs 20-30cm over the length of the edge of the seat part of the sofa. The sofa does not have to be completely on the carpet. If there are chairs opposite the rug, then measure the rug so that the chairs are properly intact either on the rug, or so that the chairs are clearly outside the edge of the rug.

GIANT eco luxury wool rug cosy warm nordic syle marmekko rakkauskirje classic design eco sustainabele villamao paksu suuri olohuone web

Room space

A large carpet brings softness to a spacious, bright space. That’s when the rug anchors the space. Even if you have a beautiful coffee table in front of the couch, don’t measure the rug along the table. Measure the rug to fit the sofa, allowing the rug to soothe the space. You can still get the table on the carpet. Antique slender-legged chairs are more beautifully visible in the space when placed entirely on a rug. There must also be space behind the chairs on the carpet. Combining antique and vintage and contemporary furniture, the ensemble is fascinatingly personal. For such a space, a colorful or patterned rug brings even more intensity to the space and creates a conversation space.  

More about dining room rugs next time.