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Written on April 15, 2023

What's out Chinese copycats! Finnish Mum's original story you cannot copy!

We bring a limited series of unique bear rugs for sale for a limited time and only to our friends as a thank you for appreciating sustainably made products. Bear carpet size 60x80cm and available limited time, two colours to choose from. Each rug is signatured by the artisan who made it and also by your name ( or if you ewant to give this as a gift let us know which name is written on the rug). And you also receive a Mum's new recycled cotton canvas bag as a gift.

Because authenticity matters and Your choices. Thanks for that. If you want to purchase a collectible peach or pink bear kindly send us a message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you more info.

BEAR peach 60x80 KARHU pink 60x80cm

Mum's bears were originally drawn for Mum's by Finnish famous designer Teresa Moorhouse. The carpet is made in a small rural handicraft village in India with fair labor compensation and the wool comes from our own sheep that graze freely. We dye wool for carpets by hand.


This rug is knotted. It means that the wool is hand-knotted as tightly as possible. This way the surface of the carpet remains as soft as the bear itself. The carpet is durable and high-quality, and that is exactly what we are proud of.

We are not proud that the Chinese Alibaba and Aliexpress sells tufted 100% copy versions of Teresa's original designs. We have taken action. At the same time, I think that even though it's sad, it's kind of great that the design of the carpet is appreciated this much, that they want to copy it. The Chinese copy is not Mum's. It doesn't have our responsible story and genuinity. Original is always original.

Strength for Teresa and all the other designers and artists!


Thank you for caring about where and how the products are made.