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Written on September 02, 2021

Sooting natural colors: Indigo blue

Soothing natural colors

The vibration of indigo is the most excellent, as its light and color fastness are good. From Indigo, we get both deep night blue  ( for example our Pallas cushions and rugs) and light gentle sky blue (for example, our Inari pillow and Inari sky blue rug). By dyeing indigo from blue to yellow, we get a green shade of wool. This is how Robin Hood dyed his clothes green.

Inari matto Pipana jennirope rug wool design natural webINARI CUSHION BOAT vene tyyny INTERIOR HAN ethical

INARI natural plantbaseddye kasviväri matto luonnollinen earthhome naturalstyle koti sisustus natural woolrug web Mums rug matto natural INARI skyblue indigo natural plantbased luonnollinen jennirope design interior sisustus decoration Nordic simplicity calm soothing web


Indigo is the true queen of colors. It was the most important dye of the entire era of natural dyeing, dating back to 1887.

 Mums rug matto natural plantbased luonnollinen jennirope design interior sisustus decoration Nordic simplicity calm soothing web Natural INARI Finnish luonnollinen luonnonväri planbased dye rug wool pure finnish nordic design jennirope pipana mujms matto web

The indigo dye is obtained from a dye plant called Indigofera tinctoria. The largest production areas are in Asia, India, Africa, South America around the Andes.

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Pallasjarvi 4 cushion Pipana jennirope web kopioMIRJA Natural fiilis sanky mums kuva HR


There are dramatic twists and turns in the history of indigo color. One example is from the time when indigo arrived in Europe. In the 16th and 17th centuries, indigo traders sought to introduce Europe to the new toner they imported from Asia. Europe, on the other hand, had its own group of growers of the blue-producing color crop, for whom a new imported color, indigo, was a threat to their livelihood and this caused clashes. In Europe, entire cities, including the German city of Erfurt with its universities, had been built with the proceeds of a blue plant grown in Europe. The color brought riches to its farmers. France also supported the cultivation of European color crops by dyeing its army suits blue.

MIRJA Natural Fiilis Sanky many HR

Mummies were wrapped in indigo-dyed fabrics in ancient Egypt, and natural indigo has been one of the main colors in knotted wool rugs. In Japan, indigo dyeing and shibor patterning are part of the cultural heritage.